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CRO: An Interview With Maura Ginty, Kissmetrics

As an extra goody, we have gathered just a few of the many influential speakers in the run up to our online conference: Conversion World 2016, to bring you deeper insights into their minds and outlook on the industry of Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Sam Hurley; Digital Marketing influencer and Founder of OPTIM-EYEZ, asked some searching questions to our panel of experts.

In this interview, Maura Ginty, Vice President of Marketing at Kissmetrics shares some quick takeaways for CROs around the world.

#1. Maura, why do you think CRO has become relegated to junior managers as a side project? Has it always been this way?

Like many marketing trends, CRO has had a heyday and a compartmentalization. Ideally, the ideas and the learnings flow across teams. The execution might be led by junior managers, but the ideas should come from all corners, and even serve as a way to validate executive mandates.

#2. How can those with knowledge of CRO get board members on side to invest in the practice?

The proof is in the ROI. When we’ve seen 200% increases in variant ideas, we don’t need to make the case all the way to the board.

#3. Is there a benchmark conversion rate, or is it all a myth?

The benchmark really depends on the similarity of the businesses. If you find a few similar businesses who are willing to be transparent, you can all benefit.

#4. What are your thoughts on dark patterns and have you ever used such techniques in the past?

Churn matters, so any unethical manipulations aren’t wise long-term.

#5. What are your favourite tools of the trade?

I love the a/b testing tool within Kissmetrics because it’s helped us investigate whether any variant is really working for our most qualified customers.

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