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The Trap Of A Beautiful Website

3 CRO Takeaways After Having Hired My Own Agency to Build an Ecommerce Company

It’s an exciting and intoxicating experience to create a business brand from scratch. It’s fun to create the name, the slogan, the logo, the colors, the fonts, and make all the design decisions. However, decisions in this creative phase are often driven by feelings, passion, intention, and egos rather than actual financial models or facts about your customers and what moves them to buy.

So, you’d think a crack team of hardcore web analytics and CRO gurus could build an ecommerce website to sell salon chairs and turn it into an instant success story, right?

Well… maybe not instantly… hold that thought.

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How to Hack Your CRO / Growth Team

Growth hacking a business and optimizing it for conversions is a massive, complex job. Magical unicorn solutions, like the famous examples you often hear about (e.g. Dropbox, Airbnb), are rare exceptions. Most of what growth hackers do is not wizardry, but rather continuous ideation, testing, measuring, failing, learning, experimenting, iterating and optimizing.

In other words, a lot of hard work. And it can require a huge variety of skills.

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Why is it so hard to sell to millenials?

how to convert and sell to millenials

This is a guest post by Guthrie Weinschenk.

Full disclosure. I’m a Millennial. Guilty as charged.

I know we can be a finicky bunch. Certainly we do things “differently” than previous generations. Our methods of media consumption are different, so the traditional rules of media marketing were thrown out of the window for the most part maybe 5 years ago. But this is all old hat. I’m sure most people have read a dozen different articles about “marketing to Millennials” already. I’m hoping I can give you a fresh perspective you haven’t heard before (*hint* we’re poor).

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Are Your Website Visitors Useless?

Boring CTA button

It’s a great feeling when you see Google Analytics going mental with traffic. You even watch the real-time tab and see visits coming in from all over the world.

Isn’t that an amazing experience?

Well, it is for the first couple of weeks…until you realise none of these visits have resulted in a conversion in any way, shape or form.

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